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Lead Management

Automate lead extraction from conversations and seamlessly integrate with CRM.

Chat Analysis

Track messages, chat duration, and user activity easily.

Summary Generation

Effortlessly summarize conversations and gain insights with Simulacrum AI's summary generation technology.

Seamless Integration

Integrate CRM, automate conversation summarization, and send to CRM.

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Benefits of Simulacrum AI

With Simulacrum AI’s cutting-edge technology, businesses can optimize their operations, improve customer engagement, and achieve their digital transformation goals.

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Conversational AI

Simulacrum works where you do

Explore our integrations and automate your customer interactions with ease.

Knowledge Base

Lightning-Fast Learning and Processing Capabilities Within Seconds

Explore Simulacrum AI’s Knowledge Base—an easy-to-use platform transforming the way you manage information. Upload documents in DOC, PDF, and TXT formats, or extract content from URLs. And our AI model will learn and process your data in mere seconds. Organize effortlessly with multiple knowledge bases, categories, and easy content editing.

Widget Customization

Explore Comprehensive Widget Customization Options for a Tailored and Unique User Experience

Customize your widget effortlessly! Choose between modern or classic designs, pick colors from a palette, replace the logo, and personalize widget names. Preview changes instantly with options like dark mode and background images. Make your widget uniquely yours!

Lead Management

Organize, Access, and Optimize Your Interactions with the Leads Overview

Effortlessly manage your leads with our Leads Overview section. Organize and access a structured list of leads based on date, interaction type, or page name. Capture and display contact details, and easily follow conversation links for valuable context. Streamline your workflow with export options in CSV or Excel and seamless integration with CRM systems. Take control of your leads for a more organized and productive lead management experience.

Text, Voice and Video based Conversational AI, based on dynamic and adaptive workflows build per specific industries and business cases.

Some of the key features that make Simulacrum AI stand out include its dynamic and adaptive workflows, industry-specific customization, and its ability to utilize text, audio, and video for engaging with users. Additionally, Simulacrum AI is designed to automate routine tasks, reduce costs, and improve efficiency for businesses. It also has advanced capabilities for improving customer experience and providing personalized assistance.

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