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Enhance your website with Simulacrum AI that handles customer inquiries like humans, reducing support queries by up to 80%.
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Setup your AI chat in less than 5 minutes

Easy 5 minute setup with 3 steps and no coding skills needed
Creating a knowledge base with simulacrum AI


Create a knowledge base in seconds

In the knowledge base, we store all information and content where AI is utilized to answer users’ questions. You can upload PDFs, DOCX files, or TXT files, or input a URL to extract content.
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Adapt it to your brand

You can choose the chat type, customize colors, update titles, and upload a logo to adapt the chat to your brand.


Integrate into your environment

After making all the setups, you can copy the integration script and paste it into your website or application where the chat needs to appear.
Simulacrum AI integration

Create a Knowledge Base in seconds

Here’s a practical example of how is  information stored in our knowledge base, and how AI uses it to answer users’ questions.

You’re able to submit PDFs, DOCX files, or TXT files, or alternatively, you can provide a URL to extract the content.

Adapt it to your brand

Choose the chat type, adjust colors, change titles, and upload your logo to adapt the chat to your brand and make it more convenient for your company.

Integrate into your environment

Once you’ve completed all the setup steps, you can simply copy the integration script and paste it into your website or application wherever you want the chat to appear.

Lead Generation

Simulacrum AI detects all CTA's

AI detects, summarizes, saves, and sends data to admin

Detects CTA

When Simulacrum AI detects an action request from a user, it will ask for the user’s email address so that the admin can get in touch with them.
CTA detection, Conversational AI

Creating Lead

After detecting a lead from the chat, Simulacrum AI will summarize the conversation and create a lead on the dashboard.
Simulacrum AI: Lead email

Sends email to admin

Besides creating a lead on the dashboard, Simulacrum AI will immediately send an email to the admin.
Ticketing System

Automatic ticket creation

When AI can’t process users’ inquiries, it suggests creating a ticket for further assistance.
Ticket creation
CRM Integration
Help Center

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